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Awas ! Kawasan MASJA merbahaya

KUCHING: A university student received seven stitches for a wound on the back of his head after he was attacked and robbed by a group of men in MASJA early yesterday.

Three other students who were with the 22-year-old were also robbed but escaped unhurt in the 3am incident. According to a source, the four friends had returned to their campus after a night out to find the main gate had already been shut.

They decided to drive around the city before heading to another friend’s house to spend the night.

While at MASJA area in Petra Jaya, two cars were said to have suddenly appeared and blocked off their vehicle.

Seven men armed with a piece of wood and sharp objects approached the car and ordered the students to surrender their wallets and handphones.

It was believed the victim had put up a fight which resulted in him being attacked by the robbers, who then sped away from the scene.

The injured victim, who had a nasty gash behind his head and also above his left eye, as well as bruises on his face and body, was sent by his friends to Sarawak General Hospital for treatment.

August 27, 2010, Friday
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