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Alhamdullilah, we all praise to Allah, another famous person become a muslim.Sonny Bill Williams, as has been reported in The Herald has made a spiritual conversion to Islam.

Williams converted two years ago, before he returned to New Zealand to play rugby, and requested halal food during the All Blacks’ northern hemisphere tour last year, the newspaper said.

Friends said he regularly attends Friday prayer sessions at a Christchurch mosque.

Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand first vice-president Javed Khan told the Herald Williams’ allegiance was commonly known among the Muslim community.

“He is practising the religion and he is a great role model for the youngsters. We will pray to Allah that he will win the World Cup for us. Everyone talks about it, you know. The Muslim community, everyone knows everyone, you know.”

Since converting to Islam, Williams has put a string of embarrassing alcohol-related incidents behind him.

For furthur news, please refer to NZHerald.

Bill’s conversion is make him in the list amongst the famous sportsman that turn to Islam.Here are Some Great and Muslim convert Sportsmen.

1) Muhammad Ali: I think if you will take name of Famous and Great Muslim Sportsmen the First name that will come in your mind will be of Muhammad Ali. He was the Greatest Boxer Ever Born on Face of the earth who won every big Boxing Title.

2) Mike Tyson : He is a Great American Boxer who was converted to Islam at few years ago when he was in Jail. Now he is a Practicing Muslim.

3) Franck Ribery : Ribery is a famous French Footballer who plays as a Striker For France. He was Converted to Islam few years back and now he is s Practicing Muslim.

4) Kareem Abdul Jabbar : Abdul Jabbar Was a great American Basket Ball Player. He has a record of doing more points in league history than any other Play.

I hope and pray to Allah more famous people will turn to Allah. They conversion will open they eyes of non Muslim and encourage them to search for truth.

Source: A Muslim House
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